Once I thought “If I could just paint as good as Rembrandt, then that would be enough!” After many years of struggling to learn about drawing, colour, and technique, that if you could paint as good as a photo, then that would be enough! I would be ‘there’… but I found that painting as good as a photograph was not enough… that was just where it all started… What makes a good photo? What is beauty? What is a good picture? Instead of achieving the final result of my quest, I had just come to its beginning…


For example: this is the famous Rembrandt lighting… see the graduation not just from left to right, but from top to bottom, the light has an eggshell roundness… photographers still study Rembrandt… they go into the details of the inverted triangle of light under the eye and the use of a key light and reflectors etc… the main point is that art is not finished when you can ‘paint as good as a photograph’, that’s just when it all begins…

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